Winton Hills Academy

Winton Hills Academy is not just a school.  We are a Community Learning Center.  We have a wonderful partnership program with Win Med Health Center which is called the Fast Track Program.  A child who is enrolled in this program may get urgent treatment for medical and dental problems at the clinic across the street from school.  For matters that are not urgent, (like asthma follow-ups and physicals, etc.) appointments can be made for your child to see a doctor when he or she is at school.  For dental cleaning, exams, and repair of cavities, the child will get an appointment to see the dentist during school hours.  For both medical and dental appointments at the clinic, a worker from the clinic comes to the school to safely walk students back and forth from the clinic.  In addition, if your child needs medication, the prescription will be filled at the pharmacy, and delivered to school.  The medication will come home with your child.  If you would like to enroll in the program, please see the school nurse (Patricia Williams) for the application. 

 A Vision Center at Oyler is available to all students in Cincinnati Public Schools.  Call the nurse (363-6321) if your child needs a vision appointment.


Patricia Williams, RN, MSN is our school nurse, as mentioned above.  Winton Hills Academy is very fortunate to have Nurse Williams on board.